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AnalysisContainerPreservativeHolding Time
(Days unless stated otherwise)
pHanyNONE15 minutes
Ammonia, Nitrogen250 ml Plastic1 ml H2SO4ÿ/ liter28
Acute BioassayscubitainersNONE36 hours
Chronic BioassayscubitainersNONE72 hours
5-Day BOD + TSS1 liter PlasticNONE48 hours
Chloride500 ml PlasticNONE28
Chloropyll A2 liter amber glassNONE48 hours
COD250 ml Plastic1 ml H2SO4ÿ/ liter28
Conductivity500 ml PlasticNONE14
Cyanide, Total250 ml Plastic1 pellet NaOH14
Fecal Coliform250 ml Plastic4 ml 10% Na2SO3O36 hours
Fluoride500 ml PlasticNONE28
Hardness500 ml Plastic1 ml HNO3ÿ/ liter6 months
MBAS500 ml PlasticNONE48 hours
Metals500 ml Plastic1 ml HNO3ÿ/ liter6 months
Nitrate/Nitrite250 ml Plastic0.5 ml H2SO4ÿ/ liter48 hours
Oil & Grease1 liter wide-mouth glass5 ml 1:1 HCI28
Phenols1 liter glass1 ml H2SO4ÿ/ liter + 3 scoops Copper sulfate28
Settleable Solids1 gallon PlasticNone48 hours
Sulfate500 ml PlasticNONE28
Sulfide1 liter Glass3 pellets NaOH + 1 ml 2N Zinc acetate7
Total Dissolved Solids500 ml PlasticNONE7
Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen250 ml Plastic0.5 ml H2SO428
Total Phosphorous500 ml Plastic1 ml HNO36 months
Total Solids250 ml PlasticNONE7
Total Suspended Solids w/o BOD500 ml PlasticNONE7
Turbidity500 ml PlasticNONE48 hours
Volatile Solids500 ml PlasticNONE7


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