Metal Testing (resized)

Practical Quantitative Limits Table

Metals are significant, regulated pollutants. Considering today’s low permit limits, it is mandatory that measurements be accurate and precise. We have added a cutting-edge PerkinElmer Elan DRC-e ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer) with reaction cell, capable of measuring concentrations at part-per-billion (ppb)/part-per-trillion (ppt) (EPA 200.8). Complimenting the ICP-MS, is our PerkinElmer Optima 8300 Concentric simultaneous ICP capable of practical quantitation limits (PQL) at low ppb levels (EPA 200.7). We also have a new CVAA (Cold Vapor Atomic Absorptions) Mercury (Hg) Analyzer (PQL = 0.0002 mg/L) for EPA 245.1

Meritech, Inc. was the first in-state laboratory to be certified in the analysis of Mercury by EPA 1631. We are currently using our new CETAC Quick-Trace M-8000 Analyzer to report results down to 1 ng/l-ppt. Our experience with this method and associated technologies enables us to provide results to our clients within ten (10) working days.

These instruments increase our throughput of samples significantly while meeting the sensitivity and precision of method protocol and provide a constant back-up for minimizing delay in data reporting. The combination of the latest technology and experienced staff enables us to offer competitive pricing for analyses while maintaining the superior quality of our service. We are certified by the State of North Carolina for the analysis of 21 EPA 200.8 low-level wastewater metals and 13 EPA 200.8 drinking water metals. We are also certified for 27 EPA 200.7 metals as well as another 9 non-regulated metals. A unique service by ICP is a rapid semi-quantitative scan for 26 or more metals at a low price. Such a scan might reveal unexpected contaminants in a raw material used in an industrial manufacturing process or it might identify-quickly and economically, an unexpected toxic metal in a wastewater treatment plant effluent. Please call our Laboratory Manager if you have any question about this service or any other aspect of metals analysis.

Discount pricing is available, based on quantity.

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