General Chemistry


Methods / PQL’s

The various analysis included in “general” chemistry, such as Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Ammonia, Nitrogen, and Fecal Coliform remain as key items in most wastewater discharge permits. Our state certification covers all general chemical analyses normally included in such NPDES permits. We can also provide specialized analytical services for which certification does not exist.

Meritech’s policy is to listen to your needs and determine how to best meet them. As issues arise with daily WWTP operation we can assist in tracking and isolating problems through the analysis of samples throughout the treatment stages. From influent to aeration basin and final effluent, Meritech has the experience to help make your plant run efficiently. Our staff is trained to recognize problems relevant to each analysis i.e. TSS > 30 mg/l, NH3 > 3.0 mg/l, or Fecal > 200 col/100mls for effluent samples would trigger a phone call to our clients. We also offer notification for parameter violations specific to your needs for each analysis we perform.

Meritech, Inc. is also state certified to perform bacteriological and Nitrate / Nitrite testing on drinking water. Tests can be run for Total Coliform and for Fecal Coliform bacteria. Our certification covers bacteriological testing for both individual property owners and for public water supply systems, which are regulated by the state.

We are able to customize testing for individual needs per client request.

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