Bioassy Cups

The guiding principle in environmental protection is preserving the environment’s ability to support life, so bioassays of environmental samples are of primary importance to regulatory authorities. For this reason, Meritech, Inc. places special emphasis on the quality of its Bioassay Department, in terms of the personnel performing these assays, the quality of the bioassay test organisms, and the facility itself.

Our 1,200 square foot bioassay facility contains water re-cycling systems and regulated incubators under photoperiod and temperature controls.  The freshwater species we use are Ceriodaphnia dubia and Pimephales promelas.  Our salt water species is Mysidopsis bahia.

We are certified in North Carolina to perform acute bioassays and chronic bioassays, using EPA protocols in conjunction with the North Carolina Division of Water Quality.

Our Certifications Include

Ceriodaphnia dubia (water flea)
Pimephales Promelas (fathead minnow)
Mysidopsis Bahia/Americana (mysid shrimp)

Ceriodaphnia dubia (water flea)
Pimephales Promelas (fathead minnow)

Links to EPA Manuals:

Acute Testing

Chronic Testing

Our experience has shown that the most accurate and, above all, the most reproducible bioassay results are obtained when tests start with organisms in the best possible health. In order to ensure good health, our stocks of bioassay organisms are fed and examined seven days a week, 365 days a year. We report results to you within five working days following the completion of your bioassay. Recognizing that bioassays are relatively complex tests, we welcome your questions about this tests, before or after they are run.

For manufacturers seeking toxicity information on or toxicity evaluation of any product or pure compound, Meritech, Inc. can provide comprehensive testing and generateL50/EC50 values on a wide variety of test organisms. In the present business climate where demand for “green” products is growing, the ability to demonstrate a product’s environmental safety record can be an effective tool in any marketing strategy.

How to Sample:

Bioassay Chain of Custody

2011 Toxicity Sampling Letter

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