What We Do

  • Bioassay / Toxicity

    The guiding principle in environmental protection is preserving the environment’s ability to support life, so bioassays of environmental samples are of primary importance to regulatory authorities. For this reason, Meritech, Inc. places special emphasis on the quality of its Bioassay Department, in terms of the personnel performing these assays, the quality of the bioassay test organisms, and the facility itself.

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  • Metals

    Metals are significant, regulated pollutants. Considering today’s low permit limits, it is mandatory that measurements be accurate and precise. Meritech, Inc. was the first in-state laboratory to be certified in the analysis of Mercury by EPA 1631.

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  • Organics

    The identification and quantization of organic compounds in wastewater and solid waste samples are central to the characterization of many environmental problems. No chemical analyses are more demanding in complexity and rigor. We are proud of our Organics Facility and its staff.

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  • General Chemistry

    The various analysis included in “general” chemistry, such as Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Ammonia, Nitrogen, and Fecal Coliform remain as key items in most wastewater discharge permits. Our state certification covers all general chemical analyses normally included in such NPDES permits.

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  • Field Services & Receiving

    Meritech’s field services division consists of dedicated and experienced field technicians armed with the latest equipment to ensure your on-site sampling and analysis are done accurately and dependably.

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  • WWTP Operations

    Many of the small and medium size towns of North Carolina have benefited from privatizing the operation and maintenance of their water and wastwater treatment facilities, Not only does this save tax dollars, but it also eliminates the stresses of trying to maintain certified plant operations and can minimize the problems that may come from the state and regulatory agencies.

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  • Fracking

    Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) has been under much scrutiny lately due to the potential to impact the natural parameters of potable water by introducing contaminants into water table. Some of these contaminants may be harmful depending on levels as established by EPA safe drinking water standards.

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Our Mission:

Meritech's mission is for every client to be provided with accurate analytical data in a timely manner. More than twenty years of laboratory testing have given us the insight and aptitude to meet this goal; by utilizing the latest analytical techniques and our dedicated personnel, we are committed to meeting the needs of each and every client.

Commitment to Quality:

All of our employees at Meritech, Inc. are committed to supplying the highest quality test results to our customers. We follow approved Standard and EPA test methods and rigorous Quality Assurance/Quality Control protocols.

We Want To Be Your Environmental Testing Laboratory.
We hold North Carolina (NC) Certification #165.
Our departments Bioassay/Toxicity, Metals, Organics and General Chemistry perform analyses on Water, Wastewater, Sludge and Soil. We can also perform Low Level Mercury testing.